Monday, February 19, 2007


Pacifier - something that Faythe can't live without. I've started her on pacifier as early as 2 months+ because she just wouldn't sleep quietly. With the pacifier, it's really a blessing, but I told myself, only when she needs to sleep. But soon, the pacifier has become her comfort object. We never leave home without one. Even my car has her pacifier. We have at least 3 at home and at least 3 at MIL's place. IT'S A WORLD OF PACIFIER.

3 days before I start work, on a very late night, Faythe was still jumping around on the bed, refuse to sleep though I can sense that she's realll sleepy. Hence I decide to take her pacifier away. I told her "No oi oi, no pacifier". She didn't bother. She continued to jump around. After a while, she must have gotten real tired, she put her head on the pillow and was pretty quiet. I didn't do anything, I thought she's pretending to sleep. Usually she will come to me and beg for the pacifier to put her to sleep. After a while, I call her...Faythe answer again...oops...she fell asleep without PACIFIER!! Wow!!

The next morning, I show her the pacifier, it was bitten on both sides. Me being the cheeky Mommy, went to take a pair of scissors and cut off the tip. I showed her, "See your pacifier, you bite and now there's a big hole". She gave me a grin, put the pacifier into her mouth and spit it out with disgusted face.

On the same night, again I didn't offer her the pacifier. I told her "Pacifier spoilt. Daddy fix it OK". She wouldn't dare to ask from Daddy. She tossed a bit, and then slept quietly..WOW, another night hehehe...

Next day, we bring her to MIL's place in the afternoon, I showed MIL the cut pacifier and told MIL. So we all *pakat* and told her pacifier Daddy is fixing. When I picked her up from MIL's in the evening, she told me Faythe didn't have pacifier during her naps, but she still toss n turn occasionally.

And on the 3rd night, Mommy repeated the same words...Daddy fix it...And since then, it's history....she no longer needs to look for it when it's nap time.

We test the water early this week. Showed her some of her old pacifier. She just played with it, put into her mouth, then pull it off. But when sleeping time she didn't ask for it. Now it's probably a toy for her.

Bravo Faythe...Mommy's clever girl.